you need to prepare a meal, a constant job for most of us  .....

One of the questions of our time is what and how to feed ourselves and our children. What will you put together for this meal?  and the next? Is it healthy? How is it grown?  What is in it that is good and what is in it that should not be there?  Pesticides?  Fungicides?  Where is it grown?  Was it fumigated when stored in transport?        If you are the cook then the questions can lead in many directions.  However, it all starts with the growth of the plant itself. 
And that is in the ground, on a farm somewhere. And then there are other questions...  How healthy is that soil?  How does the farmer care for his land and what are his growing techniques?

If these are your questions, then joining a local farm, a CSA, can help to answer them and add to the quality of your life with fresh local produce.  Our particular CSA offers not just the food but the experience of being on the farm for your pick up and for helping with the crops.  Lindentree Farm is a local, certified organic since 1993, vegetable producing CSA.  We are on the path of learning and practicing biological agriculture growing methods (once referred to as nutrient dense) and  members can see a  positive difference in the taste and quality of what we grow.  

A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)  farm is a relationship between a community of members and the farmer. You pay a fee up front and the farmer spends his time growing crops to feed you during the appropriate seasons.  You share the growing season closely, experiencing the limitations of the weather and conditions  and how that affects your food, and  also the exuberance of bountiful and delicious crops, some of which you pick yourselves.

Here are the details of this particular CSA:

LINDENTREE FARM CSA is a small family run farm, in its 23nd  year, certified organic since 1993, located in Lincoln, MA. serving approximately 190 shares, the local Farmers Market, the” Field of Greens” for Food For Free in Cambridge. MA and in 2015, a small box share drop off in Sudbury and Bedford. 

PICK UP IS AT THE FARM. The season runs from

June through October, approximately 20-21 weeks.

Pick Up Days

You choose your pick up day from the following:

Tuesdays 1:30 - 7:30

Thursdays 1:30 – 7:30

Saturdays 12:00 – 4:00

Members are notified a week in advance of the first pick-up.

2016 Price Information

Returning Members                    New Members

$740 Small Shares            $790 Small Shares

$900 Large Shares            $950 Large Shares

The price for new members includes  a one-time  new member fee of $50.


 A LARGE share is intended to feed a family of four or more, and a SMALL share approximately ¾ as much, enough to feed two vegetable-happy adults. 
LARGE  shares are sometimes split between two families, SMALL shares are not designed to be split. 

When shares are split there is a limit of ONE CAR on the property due to limited parking space.

All new members are required to come to a preseason orientation at the farm for membership.
 This year the orientation dates are 

Sunday April  3, 3-5 p.m

Sunday May !5, 3-5 p.m

Wednesday May 25, 7-9 p.m

Please call to reserve a space.

Lindentree Farm CSA includes a work commitment --a total of eight hours per family at some time during the season March through November.

We offer WORKSHARES at specific times during the week for those who have time but not income, or those who want to learn about growing or farming. Some are outside in the fields, some are in the CSA with the members.  Please contact us for further information.

And then, we also offer you the freshest, local, seasonal produce possible, fruits, herbs, flowers are all included in your share, as are also sunlight, bugs, fresh air, fragrant dirt, new experiences in eating. Your share is picked in advance that day for you and some portion of it will be pick your own items like berries and flowers.

A share of apples is also available from an IPM orchard in Groton.
We invite you to join us and look forward to sharing the summer with you!

For application and more information please call 781-259-1259

or email us at